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Why Wrappt? Video Production for any business
Creative team discussing video editing

Why marketing and sales teams love Wrappt

Marketing with video can be challenging for those who don’t have the right tools. With Wrappt, you can produce engaging video content quickly and affordably, without compromising on quality.

  • Video templates built for all your marketing objectives
  • Collaborate on video projects with your team
  • Flexible editing options to suit your budget and project
  • Share with your audience within hours and days
  • Maximise your video production budget

Marketing & Sales Video Templates

Get started with an example video, storyboard, script ideas and pre-made edit.

External Audiences
Product demo video

Product: Demo

Auto Edit Drive purchases

Event Highlights Montage video

Event Highlights: Montage

Auto Edit Build advocacy

Support a cause video

Culture: Support a Cause

Pro Edit Increase connection

Manage your team and video projects in one place.
Video Management

Work collaboratively with your team

Set your brand style for video consistency, track and manage the status of all your projects and easily find footage and final videos in a centralised video library.

Video Templates

Kickstart your creativity

Use purpose-built video templates to achieve specific business objectives. Our pros have done the work for you, with a pre-made video structure including storyboard, script ideas, text, transitions and music.

The Wrappt recording app
Filming Kit & App

Equip your team to be DIY filmmakers

With an easy to use Film Kit and guided filming instructions in the Wrappt App, your team can easily capture and store content in a central video library.

Video Editing Software with Outsourced Editing to professional editors
Pro Edit

Professionally-edited videos within two business days.

Sometimes a professional touch can make all the difference. Let our professional editors be the ultimate plus one to your marketing team with 24-48 hour video editing turnaround.

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