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How Coolum SHS shot their remote learning content during a pandemic

For the team at Coolum State High School (CSHS), the absence of students and teachers on school grounds presented an urgent communications challenge.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached crisis point in March 2020, schools were driven to employ alternative ways to keep their community connected, engaged and informed as students and teachers became home-bound.


The forward thinking Sunshine Coast school’s focus was to ensure they maximised student engagement in remote learning, ensuring students continued to receive a quality education, as well as keeping parents and guardians informed.

That’s where video comes in.

Anthony Swan is the Deputy Principal at CSHS who, together with his Heads of Department, were responsible for coming up with a plan to minimise disruption to learning and maximise engagement in the new virtual school environment. The team were looking for a solution which could be implemented quickly, for minimal cost and worked within their existing IT infrastructure.

Within three weeks of the lockdown, Anthony had onboarded his team to Wrappt so that they could use video to achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Anthony set out to streamline the way video was created and distributed to the school community, so learning content and school-wide updates could be produced and shared quickly. 

“We needed a video solution that allowed us to communicate effectively, in a timely manner with our community.” 

Keeping parents updated wasn’t the only opportunity the school saw when it came to enabling DIY video creation. 

“We needed to allow our teachers to maintain the teacher-student relationship.”


The Wrappt solution

With Wrappt, Anthony equipped CSHS’s teachers with a user-friendly video solution that empowered them to create daily content. 

Heads of Department quickly began creating short lesson introduction videos to provide more context to students, aiding them to stay engaged by continuing the routine of seeing their teacher present the lesson themselves.

Using Wrappt’s Pro and Auto Edit features, CSHS teachers kept their focus firmly on building resources instead of worrying about video production. 

“With Wrappt, our teachers rapidly built a bank of resources for students in line with curriculum, while our principal could deliver daily updates and messages to our parents, giving clear and explicit directions on the learning that has to take place.”

Gaining confidence using Wrappt, CSHS expanded their video strategy to include internal staff training videos, school survey announcements and regular updates from the principal.


The right tools for the job

CSHS invested in a combination of Wrappt filming kits and mini kits to ensure high quality footage was recorded. Using the Wrappt Film Kit & App to self-film their videos, teaching staff were able to produce content at volume, whether from home or at school.

Wrappt’s Auto Edit feature was the most used Wrappt feature for the CSHS team, as it enabled staff to quickly edit videos without learning complicated editing software. This economic way of producing content removed the barriers to video production the school had faced previously.



Schools benefit from quick, simple, affordable video production

Whether you’re looking to help teaching staff create their own lesson videos, provide weekly principal updates to your parent community, promote your school on social media or engage students in video projects, Wrappt is the one-stop-shop that can help you do it all.

If you’d like to transition to a video-enabled school and ensure student engagement in your remote learning content remains consistent, get started with Wrappt today.

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