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Empower your marketing team to plan, create and share engaging video content for the entire customer lifecycle.

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Why Wrappt? Video Production for any business
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Why marketing teams love Wrappt

Marketing with video can be challenging for those who don’t have the right tools. With Wrappt, you can produce engaging video content quickly and affordably, without compromising on quality.

  • Plan, create and share video content in one place
  • Flexible production options to suit your project
  • Video templates built for all your marketing objectives
  • Publish content to market within hours and days
  • Maximise your video production budget
Video Marketing Services and Video Editing Software
Video Content Strategy

Plan your video marketing strategy

A video strategy framework to align your video content to your marketing goals. By setting the course and planning ahead, your team can create more effective videos that drive better outcomes.

video templates for video creation
Video Templates

The perfect launch pad for your idea

Use purpose-built video templates to get your project moving. Our pros have done the work for you, with tried and tested story structures, scripts and shot lists for all types of videos and marketing goals.

The Wrappt recording app
Filming Kit & App

Equip your team to be DIY filmmakers

Between guided filming tools in the Wrappt App, our smartphone-enabled Wrappt Film Kit and a library of onboarding resources, your team can become pros at filming quality content in no time.

Professional Video Editing Services
Pro Edit

Let us do the thinking for you

Sometimes that additional professional touch can make all the difference. Let our professional editors be the ultimate plus one to your marketing team with 24-48 hour video editing turnaround.

Internal Video Review Process
Video Publishing

Create optimised videos for your audience

Automatically caption your videos and instantly publish to social channels for better reach and engagement.

Video Templates for Marketing

Start your video project with a professionally made story, script and shot-list.

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