How Poolwerx used Wrappt to create engaging content with video

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How Poolwerx empowered their franchisees to create engaging content with video

The value of engaging, localised content is invaluable to franchisees when building a local area marketing program. Rolling this out on a national scale while staying on brand and on budget becomes a significant challenge.

For Australia’s largest pool servicing and retail business Poolwerx, this had to be implemented across over a hundred franchises. Leo Blanco Alonso is the Digital Marketing Manager at Poolwerx who, together with the Poolwerx team, recognised the significance of video to their content strategy. 

“We understand that our clients gravitate towards the medium of visual media, so we want to make sure that we utilise video to promote our franchisees, stores, services, products, and expertise in the area of pool servicing.”

Each Poolwerx franchise represents a specific target audience, and caters its products and services to the needs of its local customers. Creating engaging content, relevant to their target audiences was found to be a great way to increase a franchise’s profile within its community, while also promoting the greater brand.

Poolwerx has earned an impressive collection of industry and franchise awards, stemming from its rigorous franchisee selection, thorough training and support. A strong connection between head office and local franchises is a key foundation of the business, and is vital to their local area marketing program.

The Challenge

Producing video at scale comes with a number of controlling factors which can be difficult to manage. For Poolwerx, this was made even more complex by the franchise business model. 

Creating a single store promo to be blanketed across all franchises would deny the ability to target local audiences with relevant content. Each Poolwerx store is an active part of its local community, which is why Poolwerx looked to store specific promotional videos.

Over 120 franchisees needed to plan, create and share their own video content, with most having little to no experience with creative assets such as video. Outsourcing this work locally would have incurred significant cost and been a logistical nightmare to plan and coordinate – an unsustainable approach. 

As well as economic and productivity hurdles, the Poolwerx brand would be under significant threat through the lack of control over the creative process.


The Wrappt Solution

Using Wrappt, Leo and his team incorporated their vision for Poolwerx video content through a reliable and scalable system. Wrappt provided the team with a means of creating engaging content that was stored in a centralised asset library.

To facilitate production, Poolwerx invested in user-friendly Wrappt filming kits, managed by the Area Business Development Managers. The easy to onboard, and simple to use Wrappt kits provide Poolwerx with professional and quality footage.

“Equipping our area managers with a kit has really allowed us to streamline the process of producing, planning and actually publishing videos at scale.”

To ensure each franchise video was consistent and aligned with the Poolwerx brand, custom templates were used.  The templates developed incorporated scripts and filming guideline, aiding in directing area managers through filming and budgeting process.

Once filming was complete, Poolwerx submitted each video to Wrappt for professional editing. In as little as a day, the full service Pro Edit videos were ready for download, allowing the Poolwerx team to maintain regular operation throughout, without needing to employ or become a professional videographer overnight. 

The range of Wrappt video templates doesn’t stop at franchise messaging, it empowers the Poolwerx team to more easily disseminate many streams of the business, such as: 

  • Company wide updates
  • Local area marketing campaigns
  • Business updates
  • Internal training and development tools.

Connecting franchisor and franchisee

As industry leaders, Leo and the Poolwerx team value the ability to review and collaborate on their content. After a video was edited, Poolwerx HQ and franchisees left comments and feedback directly on the video within the Wrappt platform, making the review and approval process quick and painless. The collaborative set up of this management tools allowed Poolwerx to track the status of their projects and create content that their entire team loved.

Project visibility and centralisation played an important role for the Poolwerx management team. The Wrappt shared library stored all Poolwerx content, accessible from any device, allowing the video footage and assets to be hosted as a pooled resource for the entire team.

This ensured that they weren’t just solving their current video needs, but were also investing their capability to produce video content in the future. 

Powering your video ideas

Wrappt empowers businesses to take control and create engaging content with video. Wrappt is a consistent addition to the Poolwerx team, allowing to plan, create and share high quality content that is driving their business goals across hundreds of franchises.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Wrappt and the results that it has generated for our business. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of using video for their business.”

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