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Corporate Videos with Wrappt
Why Corporate teams love making Corporate Videos with Wrappt

Why corporate communications teams love Wrappt

Internal video communication is critical to keep people connected and aligned to company goals. With Wrappt, communication professionals can quickly and affordably use video to engage audiences across the business.

  • A streamlined and cost effective way to create and share your message
  • Empower teams to capture, create and connect with video
  • Keep staff and stakeholders informed with company updates
  • Easily welcome, onboard and train new or remote employees
  • Build personal relationships and company culture with quality, engaging video content
video templates for video creation
Video Templates

Fast-track the planning of your project.

Use purpose-built video templates to take the hard work out of starting your video project. Designed specifically for internal communication goals, video templates include an example video, story structure, script and shot list to get you moving quickly.

Fast and simple filming tools

Record video from anyone, anywhere

Quickly capture content from anyone using Wrappt Webcam and Screen Record, or film professional quality footage with the Wrappt Smartphone Film Kit & App.

Add subtitles to video and make edits on the spot, in the video platform
Instant Captions

Improve engagement & accessibility

Automatically add captions to enhance your message recall and the accessibility of your video content.

Add Music and Transitions
Auto Edit

Engaging on-brand videos, instantly

Get your message in front of your audience quickly with Wrappt Auto Edit (coming soon). Enhance your message with brand graphics, music and text. No need for confusing tools, timelines or training.

Video Templates for Corporate Communications

Start your video project with a professionally made story, script and shot-list.

Internal Communication

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