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Success Story

How Southern Education shot over 200 educational videos in just 3 days

When Southern Education began to upgrade their learning and development platform to a modern online offering, they knew video had to be the primary communication method.

Chief Operating Officer Daniel Mulvey was tasked with developing the new learning platform and facilitating the video content production for over 50 pool, lifeguard, and first aid training courses.

“Traditionally in our industry this content is delivered paper-based, but we believe in order to get the best learning outcome from our clients, video is an absolute must.”


The Challenge

When Daniel ran the numbers it soon became apparent Southern Education would need a strategic and innovative approach to producing the video content.

The 50 courses included 250 separate modules which resulted in over 200 training videos that needed to be planned, filmed and edited, quickly and without breaking the budget.

These videos would need to be filmed in, under and out of the water, with multiple instructors and participants, all within a three day period. The limited availability of the instructors and access to pool facilities created a need to capture the content quickly and efficiently.

“The challenge with video is that there’s so much content, and we have to find the balance between cost and execution.”

The Wrappt Solution

Southern Education utilised Wrappt’s integrated video production offering to tackle this challenge head on.

Prior to filming, each video and the required shots were set up as a project in the Wrappt platform. This meant the entire shooting schedule could be pre-planned while also retaining the flexibility to make schedule changes on the day. It also meant that each shot was filmed directly into the right video project, skipping the tedious footage sorting step during editing and saving a lot of time.

When it came time to film, smartphones were the obvious choice, both for their maneuverability and integration directly with the Wrappt platform. Using the Wrappt Film Kit and App, multiple smartphones were used to film and upload the content each day directly into the appropriate project. This allowed multiple Southern Education stakeholders to review the footage on-the-spot, to ensure the training information and techniques were displayed correctly in the videos.

“We chose Wrappt because it’s a cost-effective way to get high-quality video.  With a lot of locations and a lot of staff, and the ability to shoot video on the fly is really exciting!”

Southern Education used both Pro and Auto Edit options within Wrappt to handle the post production of the videos. This provided the flexibility to pick and choose which videos would need a technical or professional edit, and which could be quickly stitched together, resulting in huge cost savings.

A Scalable and Efficient Solution

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing library or create a completely new suite of video content for your learning and management system, Wrappt is a cost-effective solution that provides you with the flexibility to plan, film and edit on your terms.

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