Creating content at scale with Wrappt

Success Story

How Wrappt helped Moovosity create content at scale & get kids moving

When working with kids, variety is key. To keep Moovosity’s physical education platform fresh and engaging, they needed a partner to help them.

Their aim was to start creating content at scale and produce a large volume of videos quickly and cost efficiently. 

To deliver their product, the Moovosity team had to step parents, educators and of course, kids through each activity. Co-founder of Moovosity, Scott Jenson knew that video was the ideal solution for connecting with his audience.

“We are visual learners by nature and particularly when it comes to children so the ability to visually depict those games and activities in a format that allows children to really absorb the fundamentals of the activity is absolutely key for our success.”

The Challenge

With no prior filming experience, the Moovosity team needed to find a solution that would allow them to create a large volume of professional looking instructional videos quickly and cost effectively.

Scott and his team were also thinking long term. They wanted a solution that would allow them to regularly create new content without the expense and time associated with booking a professional film crew for each shoot.

“How do we produce that amount of video content, on an on-going basis without it costing an arm and a leg?”

The Wrappt solution

Moovosity used Wrappt to build their library of instructional videos. Using Wrappt’s pro editors allowed Scott and the team to focus on getting all of their content filmed quickly so they could move on to the next project.

“We were able to shoot literally hundreds of videos with our smartphones, the Wrappt app and the kit and have high grade film back to us within the space of a couple of days…”

“… Because the process is so streamlined and affordable it means we can produce videos for all our games and deliver a much better product for our customers.”

Creating Content at Scale

Through making quality video production easy, accessible and affordable, Wrappt helped Moovosity get more kids moving. If you’re looking to create quality video content at scale but aren’t sure where to start, get started with Wrappt. Sign up for free now.

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